Tools for the analysis and development of cross-functional competencies, separate from technical competencies.



The 360° competency inventories take stock of the behavioral perceptions of the both the individual in question and those around him.

The competencies evaluated highlight people’s ability to use their knowledge and know-how, their experience, and their intrinsic qualities to manage a situation. The UCF 360° enables the company to evaluate 20 key competencies.

“Universal Competency Framework”
Overview of 20 UCF competencies
1. Deciding and Initiating Action 5. Learning and Researching
Deciding on and initiating actions
Leading and Supervising
Initiates and generates activity
Learning and Researching
Creating and Innovating
Formulating Strategies and Concepts
Planning and Organizing
2. Working with people 6. Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
Working with people
Adhering to Principles and Values
Obeying principles and values
Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
Following Instructions and Procedures
3. Relating and Networking 7. Adapting and Responding to Change
Persuading and Influencing
Presenting and Communicating Information
Coping with Pressures and Setbacks
4. Writing and Reporting 8. Achieving Personal Work Goals and Objectives
Writing and Reporting
Applying Expertise and Technology
Entrepreneurial and Commercial Thinking

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