Online Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) comprised of 144 questions, lasting 25 min.



Motivation is as vital to a company’s success as competencies or values. By understanding what motivates their team members, managers can unleash the potential of each individual and focus energies in the most constructive way possible.

Motivation type (18 dimensions):

Sheds light on the types of situations that promote motivation as well as those that demotivate. It also determines for how much time and under what conditions efforts can be sustained.

"Motivation Questionnaire"
Overview of 4 motivation areas
1. Energy and dynamism 3. Intrinsic factors
Work pace
Achievement of objectives
Fear of failure
Power, influence
Concentration on work
Business perspectives
Interest in work
Flexibility of the business environment
2. Synergy 4. Extrinsic factors
Contact with others
Personal ethics
Comfort and security
Personal development
Career advancement Status

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