Online personality questionnaire comprised of 104 questions, lasting 45 min.



The OPQ32 can be used for hiring, assessments, individual coaching, and team coaching.

Personality profil (32 dimensions):

  • Relationship style
  • Way of thinking
  • Feelings and emotions
  • 10 comprehensive dimensions related to management

Derived profiles:

  • Management competency profile
  • Collaboration styles
  • Management styles
  • Participation styles

Relationship style Way of thinking Feelings and emotions
Persuading Being rational Being laid-back
Directing / leading Being critical Being uneasy
Being outspoken Having psychological awareness Being vulnerable
Being a free-thinker Being conventional Being optimistic
Being extroverted Being conceptual Having confidence in others
Needing relationships Innovating Having self-control
Feeling comfortable in social situations Seeking variety Being energetic
Being modest Adapting Being competitive
Being democratic Having foresight Being ambitious
Being considerate of others Being detail-oriented Being decisive
Following rules

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