Written personality questionnaire - extremely comprehensive and detailed - comprised of 87 questions, lasting 45 min.



The GOLDEN test can be used for coaching, competency assessment, orientation activities, team building and strengthening, conflict management, communication development, and optimization of synergy and creativity processes.

Evaluates 5 bipolar dimensions and 16 personality types classified into different types:

  • Energy focus
  • Information gathering
  • Decision-making
  • Lifestyle A 5th dimension can shed light on an individual’s emotional stability and reaction to stress.

Overview of 5 bi-polar dimensions
1. Attention and energy focus
Extroverted, introverted
Expansive, calm
Audacious, reserved
Open, secretive
Involved, restrained
2. Decision-making
Thoughts, feelings
Impartial, empathetic
Detached, sympathetic
Logical, subjective
Combative, cooperative
3. Information-gathering
Sensation, intuition
Factual, abstract
Pragmatic, innovative
Traditional; original
Classic, pioneering
4. Lifestyle
Organization, adaptation
Planner, adaptable
Structured, flexible
Cautious, spontaneous
Conformist, non-conformist
5. Reaction to stress factors, emotional stability
Tense, calm
Wary, optimistic
Uneasy, certain

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